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New Hampshire Native and Conservative Louise ANDRUS of Salisbury filed for re-election on June 1, 2022 with the Salisbury Town Clerk as a Republican candidate for the New Hampshire House Representatives seat for Merrimack County/District 5/Andover, Danbury, Hill, Salisbury, Webster.

I am pleased to announce that I am a candidate for re-election in District 5 (Andover, Danbury, Hill, Salisbury, Webster) House Representative seat.

Late August 2018, I was asked if I would run as a write-in Republican candidate for the Merrimack/District 1 (Andover, Danbury, Salisbury) Legislative House seat. My response was “Yes.” I obtained the 30-votes that are necessary in the Primary to be placed on the General Election ballot. Being that it was the first time I ran in a Primary election, I lost the General election by only 42-votes. Even though I did not win the Representative seat, it was a wonderful experience and pleasure meeting and reconnecting with constituents from District 1.

In the Fall of 2020 with your support and vote, I won the General Election (1679 and opponent 1436) and a seat in the NH House of Representatives.  Because of Covid the first House session was held outside in the cold at UNH.  The second House Session was held with us sitting in our cars at UNH.  Then we went to a sport complex in Bedford, followed by Sessions held in a hotel in Manchester.  We then got to hold our House Sessions at Reps Hall in the State House in Concord.  It has been and continues to be a great experience as I love serving the citizens of New Hampshrie.

I grew up in Wilmot.  My Dad was a logger and worked seven days a week.  He and my Mom taught us to be honest, work hard and respect others.

During my working years I held many occupations.  With my diverse background,  I bring different experiences and different perspectives and different strengths for making a more well-rounded team member in the NH House.

I am married and my husband and I live in Salisbury.  We have three adult children.

I am like you and believe in FREEDOM; NO SOCIALISM; LIMITED GOVERNMENT and love our NH motto, "Live Free or Die."  With your support and your vote in November, I look forward to winning the General Election on November 8th.

I continue to believe  that the election in the Fall will decide New Hampshire’s future Freedom or Socialism.


An Endorsement for Representative Louise Andrus

I come to the citizens of Andover, Danbury, Salisbury, Webster and Hill to endorse Representative Louise Andrus.
I first met Louise at Old Home Days in Salisbury back in 2015. I just loved her high energy and passion in what she believed in. For years, as a citizen of Salisbury, Louise attended her local school board meetings. Her mission was to have transparency and fight for parent’s rights. When she decided to take
that leap of faith and run for NH state representative, her spirit was in full gear.  She has earned an “A” scoring from Americans for Prosperity (looking out for small businesses) and from NH Cornerstone.org (looking out for families and this includes the unborn). If she felt a bill didn’t seem quite right to her, she would do her research and go down to the “well” of the House Chambers and explain her reasons to the 400 House members. In her first year as a fighter for conservative values, she received the “Ebenezer Mudgett Champion of Freedom Award”.
Louise is like the energizer bunny, working hard for School Choice in Education, Family, Election Integrity, our 2nd Amendment rights, and to vote against any taxes to the NH citizen. For these reasons, and many more, I endorse Representative Louise Andrus. Now, more than ever, we need to keep a conservative in charge of the purse strings in this beautiful granite state.
I ask you to join me on Tuesday, September 13th and Tuesday, November 8 th to re-elect Louise Andrus and send her back as your NH State Representative again.
Representative Natalie Wells


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