Louise Andrus

Some of the primary reasons that I am running for RE-ELECTION: NH is a unique State, and I love serving the citizens of my district and all citizens of the State.  I stand for and will always fight for our U.S. and New Hampshire Constitutional rights which includes our LIBERTIES and our FREEDOMS.   I am Pro-Life, Pro School Choice, Pro Veterans, Pro Law Enforcement, Pro Guns, Pro Small Business, and Pro Limited Government.  I will always be a NO vote on an Income Tax or Sales Tax or any other form of tax that burdens NH citizens and small businesses. I stand with every Parent in that they make the decisions for their child.  NO ONE else is ever granted that right.  I am an advocate for parents  making school choice for their child.   I want to be a part of the NH House that fights for limited government in the Granite State and preserves New Hampshire Freedoms, Liberties, and Constitutional rights.

My Priorities


I believe in and stand up for our NH Constitution and our U.S. Constitution.

The New Hampshire Constitution, Part 1, Bill of Rights, Article 1 puts everything in perspective “[Equality of Men; Origin and Object of Government.]. All men are born equally free and independent; Therefore, all government of right originates from the people, is founded in consent, and instituted for the general good.”
June 2, 1784*

During the two years 2019 and 2020 when my Democrat opponent, Ken Wells was in the NH House, gun control bills were introduced.  Democrat opponent,  Ken Wells  voted in favor of gun control bills for those 2 years.   New Hampshire has adequate gun laws. When I win again in November I will continue to oppose and vote against any and all gun control bills.


“Small Businesses” are the backbone of NH’s economy.  The Republicans were able to reduce the Business Enterprise Tax which has helped NH business owners as their income was devastated by Covid. 

Two years ago I took a tax pledge and continue to take a tax pledge to oppose a Sales Tax or an Income Tax and will vote against all other tax increases.


I am an advocate for “School Choice.”  It is up to the parents to choose their childs education and where they will go to school. That decision does not belong to a school district or a union. We have to stop putting children into one cube so to speak as they all are individuals and have a different way of learning.

We have to  put a stop to the divisive concepts being taught in our schools.  These school belong to you and me and it is time we take them back.